Monday, June 15, 2015

Duat - Side Effects


Fabio Ehuty - Athens - Greece, Brazil Duat is a project from Fabio Ehuty. Fabio is involved with the electronic music since 1995 when he started deejaying techno and progressive in his home town São Paulo, Brazil. In 2000, with the introd​uction of psychedelic trance to the Brazilian music scene he began to merge it’s elements, combining the magic and energy of trance with the groove of house music. He promoted psy progressive as he was deejaying at Shakit ,Klatu and other clubs in São Paulo. His first tour abroad was in 2002 when he partic​ipated in The Land of Wonders in Egypt together with Cosmosis and Chris Organic, Psava Festival in Greece and Fusion in the UK. Back in Brazil he formed Sunvibe, a group that organised events dedicated to progressive music in Sao Paulo and surrou​ndings. Together with DJ Jaczur they produced Sunvibe Festival. In 2006 he moved to the UK, where he studied music production at the Point Black School and began to produce his own music. He was resident DJ at he Playhouse and Spencer Club in Norwich. After 5 years in the UK Fabio moved to Athens, Greece. He is currently developing Duat project inspired by artists such as Merkaba, Xenoscapes, Sensient, Minilogue, Pick, Brujos Bowl, Tristan Boyle and Grouch. Some featured gigs : Land of Wonders Festival - 2002 - Egypt Indian Spirit - 2006 - DE Fire Gathering Festival - 2009 - UK Festinho Festival - 2009 - UK Life Celebration Festival - 2010 - Croatia Mystic Tribe Festival - 2010 - Brazil 303 Art Festival - 2010 - Brazil Universo Parallelo Festival - 2011 - Brazil Legalize Festival - 2012 - Greece Tree of Life Festival - 2012 - Turkey 1200 meters Festival - 2012 - Greece Trangra Festival - 2012 - Bulgaria Nats204 - 2012 - Athens Tree of Life Festival - 2013 - Turkey Trangra Festival - 2013 - Bulgaria Halkidiki Dance Festival- 2013 - Greece Nature Earth Festival - 2013 - Croatia Techno is a form of electronic dance music that emerged in Detroit. Techno artist are using sequencers, synths, drum machines, sfx units, samplers and midi controllers to create unique rhythmic patterns alternating with bridges, atmospheric pasages and melodic and rhythmic build-ups. Techno is one of the genres, which is due to the musical matter absolutely unabused by the music industry. Techno is true heart of music in general.