Monday, June 8, 2015

The Gambler - Kasper is OK - In your hands


The GamblerPro Unlimited - Paris, France The Gambler is a Parisian music composer and live performer of electronic music, mainly playing techno genres. Most his tracks use unique samples (recorded often from his own apartment or various places), complex programmed effects, and weird programs downloaded from the internet. It is not rare that he would include a natural, unplugged instrument, standing aside the most artificial of sounds. This duality and comple​teness is very important for his work. Trained in music school from the age of 7, he has learned to play the guitar and started composing his own guitar songs when he got to middle school. At that time he got involved for the first time with music production on computer. In high school, he was playing in a metal band, playing the electric guitar. When he got to university, he switched again, playing various world instruments in a local associ​ation, as well as performing at local festivals. At 20, he switched again to electronic music, starting with more serious software and gear. His main is reason is that computer music is the only way to be able to play all the instru​ments. All those different musical moments have given him a rich musical background, and a wide range of influences, including classical music that he listens to a lot. While focusing mainly on electronic music, he has produced more than a hundred tracks, most of them unpubl​ished, forging a consistent knowledge of electronic music production and handling different techniques of production. He has also composed songs for piano, harp, violin, guitar, etc... Entirely self taught for computer music, his approach is more driven by feelings than logic when it comes to production. He focuses on deep, melodic and sometimes more "minim​alisti​c" techno. It's been two years that he has focused on techno with 2 EP and 3 remixes in 2011, two remixes and one EP in 2012, one EP in 2013. Starting with underground parties in 2011, he began performing in local bars, then clubs, in 2012. EP : Crossair recordings Fierce animals recordings Müsex industries Remixes : Pikimup Records Plastic Pepella Records Take a sound Records Poker dust Records Techno is a form of electronic dance music that emerged in Detroit. Techno artist are using sequencers, synths, drum machines, sfx units, samplers and midi controllers to create unique rhythmic patterns alternating with bridges, atmospheric pasages and melodic and rhythmic build-ups. Techno is one of the genres, which is due to the musical matter absolutely unabused by the music industry. Techno is true heart of music in general.