Monday, June 8, 2015

Max Devil - MD ( Original Mix )


Max Devil - Massimo Curatolo, Como, Italy Massimo Curatolo (Max Devil) is a DJ and is a italian record producer.
Max Devil was born in 1979 in Saronno in the province of Varese (Lombardy).
At the age of 14 years frequent the first discos and night clubs of his region and as a magnet is attracted to electronic music, techno and progressive which at that time it was very fashio​nable.
Over the years more and more he increases its interest in these musical generes and in 2007 he decides to attend the course DJ at the famous school DJ-city of Cantù. Max Devil is not yet satisfied with its technical capabi​lities and in 2008 he enrolled at the Academy of European DJ in Milan with excellent results.
On 11 July 2009 he graduated with honors and thanks to his remarkable skill in the following years he worked as a professor of the Academy. Max Devil played in since 2009 at the disco Black Hole of Milan,at the white night of Cadorago and in many private parties and disco pub in his area. In 2013 he decided it was time to compose music and through the use of famous software Apple Logic Pro arrive early good results and in 2015 signed a contract with a major record company Swiss 5howtime Music and it is released his first produc​tions: Digital Machine, Sensations, Alien Invasion and Birds. His particular sound is a mixture of house music, deep house, techno and minimal and it is influenced by the melodic rhythms. Techno is a form of electronic dance music that emerged in Detroit. Techno artist are using sequencers, synths, drum machines, sfx units, samplers and midi controllers to create unique rhythmic patterns alternating with bridges, atmospheric pasages and melodic and rhythmic build-ups. Techno is one of the genres, which is due to the musical matter absolutely unabused by the music industry. Techno is true heart of music in general.