Monday, June 8, 2015

Ultra​Jove - Shock Wave


Ultra​Jove - Paris, France Antoine Dupuy (aka Ultrajove, aka Bitonio, aka Toinou, aka Jürgen) was born in Poitiers, a city of art and history, December 4, 1980. After a full curriculum (NES, Sega Genesis, Super NES, Playstation ...) but somewhat stressful for parents, the young and dashing Antoine Dupuy easily wins a "Master of Engineering in Network Security Solutions for Businesses could afford Services a Consultant "of the Faculty of Poitiers and enters the workforce. But that's not the point. It is the early discovery of the PC, offered as a protective talisman, a guarantee of success, by his parents relieved to see him spend so many hours working on this new instrument (it will quickly become brilliant in matters such as doom-like unfort​unately not present in the curric​ulum). Step by step, little by little, using this instrument, quickly equipped with old speakers ("old" is used to more authentic), and an old amp, he comes into music (and its parents in his room to tell him to 'turn down the sound a lot, dear'). Then came the midi keyboard, the mixing table and countless high-p​erform​ance software sample , beat, etc.. All this for what? To create a music nourished by various influences: from big beat to house, techno dub, not to mention the 'trip-core clash' (which is often confused with the 'deep-tech analog', one dream!) And other currents more or less altern​ative. And then we had to sort, collect, select from all these projects to achieve a final album, the first, easiest, more difficult. So ... try to immerse yourself in this music as varied as personal, the result of a long process of explor​ation, sometimes in troubled waters, which is striking for its freshness and dense (dance) simplicity. You also put your finger in the Noise. Techno is a form of electronic dance music that emerged in Detroit. Techno artist are using sequencers, synths, drum machines, sfx units, samplers and midi controllers to create unique rhythmic patterns alternating with bridges, atmospheric pasages and melodic and rhythmic build-ups. Techno is one of the genres, which is due to the musical matter absolutely unabused by the music industry. Techno is true heart of music in general.