Monday, June 8, 2015

Child - Staying in Touch (OUTPOST)


CHILD - Elliot Rothfield, Neptune, Australia Below is a biography that i wrote about 2 or 3 years ago (at the tender age of 22). I thought it was pretty funny back then. I don't really think it is that funny now because it pops up around me alot and just like a friends re-run the novelty and humour (not that i think friends is funny) wears off quickly. So why do i keep this biography? Because believe it or not there are people out there who believe it and in anyones language, that is fucking hilarious. Journa​lists, followers and even promoters (occas​ionall​y)... So until i stop getting asked "What was it like being raised by wolves" from smiley bohemians with broken English, the bio stands. Brought up by a pack of wolves in the siberian tundra, for the first 12 years of Child’s life he could communicate only through a series or grunts and growls. Rescued by Hasidic jewish explorers who went on to become his adopted parent​s,Chil​dwas introduced to classical folk music quickly learning the glocke​nspiel and the tambourine. Through these tools and an old commodore 64 computer he was able to devise a system which enabled him to finally communicate with the outside world and thus the reclusive veil, which was previously his life, was finally lifted. A talented producer of all things techno, Child was brought on to the Melbourne division of Derrick May’s Hi Tek Soul from which he was able to firmly establish himself in the Australian techno community. Child has had the privilege to play at a number of the major festivals locally and intern​ationa​lly sharing the stage with a diverse array of the worlds greatest electronic acts including Carl Cox, Shpongle, Extrawelt / Midimilliz, Groove Armada, Funk D’void, Luke Vibert, Infected Mushroom, Justin Martin and many others. Techno is a form of electronic dance music that emerged in Detroit. Techno artist are using sequencers, synths, drum machines, sfx units, samplers and midi controllers to create unique rhythmic patterns alternating with bridges, atmospheric pasages and melodic and rhythmic build-ups. Techno is one of the genres, which is due to the musical matter absolutely unabused by the music industry. Techno is true heart of music in general.